Propensity for innovation and change has placed us at the forefront of the transition to integrated and connected production and management systems in accordance with INDUSTRY 4.0 requirements.

We currently produce through 110 technologically advanced processing islands and with experienced staff trained to manage even the most complex orders.

The islands are programmed to manage different metal transformation and treatment processes from simple mechanical carpentry to complex operations of casting, turning, milling, drilling, threading, toothing, boring, grinding and EDM.


CNC machines
CNC machinery list


Traditional machines
Traditional machinery list

Metrology & quality lab

We are equipped with a computerized metrology room where all quality controls and tests on materials and components are carried out.

We make tests with certifications on the size, shape, surface and nondestructive metallographic tests. We use the most updated and technological instruments in order to reach always the best accuracy and reliability of results.

Milling isles

Consisting of traditional and numerically controlled machines of high quality and equipped with y axis.

We use cost effective machines with 3-4-5 axis and stroke dimensions from 600x400x340 to maximum of 1500x750x850.
The machines are managed by a CAM software.

Turning isles

Consisting of traditional and numerically machines with foremost precision and high quality, equipped with y axis and motorized turrets.

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CNC turning center at work

We use cost effective machines with bar passage up to a diameter of 102 mm, a turning maximum of 3.000 mm and lenght of 1.300 mm.

EDM isles

Our laser cutting and Electrical Discharge Machines allow us to achieve maximum efficiency in all those processes that requires more accuracy than what can be achieved with conventional milling techniques.